Artificial Jewellery in Quetta

Quetta, the capital city of Balochistan province in Pakistan, is known for its rugged terrain, rich history, and traditional handicrafts. The women in Quetta wear more bold jewels than simple ones.

Jewellery worn in this city is a reflection of the city's uniqueness and its strong roots. People wear unique pieces of jewels made using a variety of materials. The designs are inspired by the rugged natural beauty of the region and the cultural heritage of the people living there.

Jewellery in Quetta is not only a form of traditional art but also a symbol of cultural identity. The unique designs and intricate jewels worn by the locals give an outlook of the city’s roots and culture.

Most women in the city wear bold and colorful jewellery pieces including Anklets, Finger Rings, and Bindiya & Jhumar. Some of the other jewellery worn in the city is the big bold Earrings with a crush of colors.