Why Artificial Jewlery is Trending in 2024

While the world is experiencing an internet-wide outrage due to COVID-19, businesses and individuals have come up with a definition of"the new normal "to earn money, live and shop. 

This has meant that the "new normal" is the basis for the future trends that will impact the industry of artificial jewelry in the coming years, also in 2024.

Let's know the motives behind this shift in fashion towards artificial jewelry and why it's trending now.

Reasons for Artificial Jewlery Growth

  • Huge Economic Hit

The COVID-19 virus was a disaster for many and came into effect at an unexpected moment, and without warning, no country or person in the world was prepared with a backup plan for their budgets during lockdowns and recovery. 

This was a major catastrophe as businesses began to fail, the value of money decreased, and so did the wages or work of many families. 

However, Diamond, the Precious Jewelries of Gold, did not see a significant price drop.

There was a gap between a buyer's buying power and the actual cost since it took a lot of work for families to get during the pandemic, which is why they wanted to buy inexpensive artificial jewelry.

  • A Perfect Alternative

If you were looking for cheap alternatives to gold jewelry, jewelers utilized the opportunity to make imitations of costly gold jewelry using affordable metals like copper and brass. 

This resulted in jewelry with an exquisite, shiny finish that seemed perfect and reasonable. This was the beginning of artificial jewelry.

  • Artificial Jewelry Growth

As people began to notice the different types of artificial jewelry, they were able to come up with two kinds of thoughts. Gold became an investment option, and alternatives to it became trendy fashion assertions.

Artificial jewelry was popular in the early 20s and trendy among the middle class since they weren't interested in gold. 

However, the pandemic has made many people see the benefits of this artificial jewelry, and their purchases increased by more than 200% across all channels. Due to a dramatic increase in the demand for artificial jewelry, several online stores have begun selling them.

However, was the jewelry precisely what people had hoped for? It wasn't. 

The sellers began producing inferior quality jewelry to take advantage of. It's relatively easy to find these kinds of Sellers, and you can identify them based on their reviews, the types of jewels they offer, and their value as a brand.

We at ZEESY have been selling premium artificial jewelry and have always provided the highest quality to our customers; you can read more about us on our website.

Advantages of Artificial Jewlery

  • They cost between Rs.500 and Rs. 5000 based on the design. Meanwhile, gold prices are too high for the middle class.

  • Thousands of designs to pick from are available.

  • It's versatile and will last for a long time.

  • It's the same as gold jewelry, which means your style is always top-of-the-line when you wear artificial jewelry.

  • They are easy to purchase and have them delivered from the comfort of your home.

  • It is constantly updated to keep up with the latest trends.

Final Thoughts

Artificial Jewlery is predicted to increase in the coming years. Women are now more concerned about money, and these jewelry items give them the worth and style they want. 

While Gold is sure to have its place within the industry, synthetic jewels attract a lot of people, and you could be one of them.

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