3 Easy Steps On How To Clean Artificial Jewellery At Home

An old saying says, "Jewelry is a woman's best friend." It gives a lasting charm to the overall appearance of a woman and makes her look more attractive. It's been said that your most loved jewelry need not be diamond-studded or gold. It can be artificial jewelry, too. It could be the one that catches your attention from the first time you view it and makes you feel awestruck.

Artificial jewelry has been a constant partner for many women because it's affordable, safe, and easy to wear daily. However, the biggest problem is cleaning artificial jewelry at home with little effort.

Let's discover how to keep them neat, clean, and sparkling like genuine diamond or gold!

How To Clean Artificial Jewlery At Home?

These artificial jewelry pieces need our attention and care to ensure they are safe and polished. How do you clean artificial jewelry at home? Is this a challenging task for you? Don't worry, it's much simpler than you think. Read the instructions, and you'll know the process!

Step 1 - Pick The Right Cleaning Agent

To polish your artificial jewelry, The first step is to select the correct cleaning solution. There are a variety of cleaning products on the market. If you decide to purchase one, ensure it's free of alcohol and ammonia. These two chemicals can harm delicate jewelry and cause irreparable damage.

If you don't, change to simple home remedies like the ones below and wash the tarnished imitation jewelry using it.

  • Lemon

This is an excellent option to clean artificial jewelry at home. Lemon is among the most popular cleaning choices at home. Try this confidently for food, skincare, or washing the imitation jewelry lemons!

The secret is that it has citric acid that performs all the deep cleaning and removes the dirt and dust as magnets. It also restores the lost shine and luster of expensive artificial jewelry.

  • Vinegar

White vinegar is the most effective choice. Make an equal mixture of white vinegar and water, then soak the imitation jewelry. Put a toothbrush into this solution and scrub the corners and nooks of your jewelry. This may not seem very easy, but it's a great way to find out how to clean your jewelry at home.

Step 2 - Do Proper Scrubbing - Not Too Harsh nor Too Gentle!

Cleaning your costume jewelry or your artificial jewelry requires a gentle scrub. It could be an abrasive toothbrush with softer bristles or even your hands wrapped in gloves.

After cleaning, the toot and drag brush are dragged in warm water, depending on your preference. Then, apply an incredibly soft and clean towel. Make sure to use a brand-new toothbrush and clean towels. One of the most effective ways is to have a Q-tip handy to ensure the efficient cleaning of your imitation jewelry.

Step 3 - Care For Your Cleaned Artificial Jewelry 

First, you must place it in a safe spot. Use a soft, breathable cloth to cover your artificial jewelry, or keep your jewelry inside the bags. 

Ensure you wear your artificial jewelry after the lotion or perfume you apply to your body has dried. It could be an agent for rust or start tarnishing very fast. Follow these steps, and you'll know how to clean imitation jewelry at home. It's just as easy as it appears!

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