Bangles form an important part of the traditional common jewelry among Indian and Pakistani ladies. They are usually worn post marriage to indicate matrimony. Nevertheless, unmarried girls are now giving it a try matching up to their ethnic or western wear for their colorful styles and beautiful designs.

They do have different varieties and are called by different names in every state. However, the name bangle originated from the term “bungri” meaning glass in Hindi. Being circular, this jewelry is non-flexible and is created of a wide range of materials viz plastic, gold, glass, silver, wood, platinum, etc.

Bangles form the must-have jewelry for every Indian woman. The different patterns, styles, and colors enhance the beauty and grace of traditional outfits on a wide node. Even trendy women would love to see gorgeous bangles such as gold plated bangles embellished with pearls, multicolored American Diamond bangles, multicolored stretchable bangles, round-shaped open bangle made of brass in their closets.

Talking about the Bengali ladies, they mainly prefer wearing gold bangles. On the other hand, ladies from other communities prefer wearing glass or gold bangles or combining both. Due to its unique designs and trendy styles, bangles are now even popular worldwide.

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