Ankle Bracelet

What is an ankle bracelet?

As the name suggests it, an ankle bracelet (or anklet) is a type of bracelet that you wear around your ankles. It looks gorgeous with flat sandals, pumps, and even sneakers. As more and more women have started to adopt this trend, you can find a lot of styles for the anklet. From simple thin chain ankle bracelets to anklets with charms, geometric shapes or even gemstones, there is a whole universe out there waiting for you to discover it.

And while the anklet has been on the rise for the past few years, the tradition of wearing anklets goes way back. The oldest anklets in the world belong to the Mesopotamia civilization 4,500 years ago. In Ancient Egypt, women used to wear ankle bracelets to point at their social status. The gold ankle bracelet indicated high social status, while silver and iron told that the wearer belonged to a lower class.

To this day, Indian women wear ankle bracelets as part of their wedding tradition. Besides that, a married woman wears an ankle bracelet with charms that jingle so that men know when she is about to come inside the room and cease any indecent talking. In the rural regions of India, women wear rigid anklets to symbolize endurance and fortitude.

Last, but not least in South Asia women would wear anklets on both feet united with a chain. The purpose of this practice was to learn the short tripping step which was considered to be a feminine way of walking.

Buying an ankle bracelet can be more difficult than it sounds. There are a couple of things you need to take into consideration, such as the style, the metal, and the size. Read on to find out how to buy the perfect anklet for you.

The Style

The style of the ankle bracelet is important when deciding what kind of shoes to wear. If you plan on wearing your anklet with sneakers and a crop top, choose a style with playful charms or even beads. However, if you want to wear it with pumps and an elegant dress, choose a more subtle version for an ankle bracelet. We advise you to get at least two or three anklets of different styles so that you can wear them with all of your flat shoes, sandals, pumps, and sneakers. When you have more than one ankle bracelet, you can also play with layering them to create a statement look.

The Metal

When it comes to metal, most women prefer gold anklets, but this doesn’t mean that you should too. Yes, a gold anklet bracelet is very pretty and looks gorgeous with a tan. But a silver anklet is also nice and it allows you to style it with colors that don’t work that well with gold, like orange or yellow. Remember that an ankle bracelet is a jewelry piece and while a stainless steel bracelet can look elegant, a stainless steel anklet will look simply weird.  Stick to gold and silver for your anklets, please.

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