Tikka & Jhomar

The Passa or the Jhoomer has been a staple with Indian and Pakistani brides all over the world. If not for the wedding, we’re a 100% sure you will wear it as a bride at least for one event. This Mughal piece of jewelry is now no more just for Muslim brides, it’s crossed religious boundaries and has hence become a cultural piece and we love it here at WMG. Such a versatile piece and so stunning, this one is sure to fire up your bridal outfit in ways like no other. 

So we put together a few new ways that you can style this piece to perfection at weddings this year. Remember, the more innovative, the better Pin it up in the middle of the Anarkali or the crop top of your lehenga and wear it as a brooch. The more colourful the better and if it’s more intricate, even better

tikka and Jhoomar

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