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When you’re completely lost on what to wear, the easiest thing to do is throw on a fun accessory and build your outfit around that. Here, we have awesome brand jewelry brand Outhouse to save the day. They just had an exhibition in Karachi and fashionistas lusted after their gorgeous pieces. The lovely Sana Hafeez Sheikh is behind the launch of Outhouse in Pakistan and might I say, thank goodness! Zeesy Jewelry is a breath of fresh air from the traditional kind of Jewelry we’re used to seeing over here.

Who is behind the brand?

Zeesy, the established feminine label known for versatile, graceful and classy jewelry with the ability to formulate creative vision while keeping its products parallel to the casual feel. Our brand aesthetic is to offer distinctive jewelry. We make it possible through our passion for the purest gemstones, luscious metals, sparkling color palettes, delightful bold pieces complemented with feminine classic design and clinical workmanship.

We are distinguished by our creative and exclusive designs, meticulous attention to details, and the unique handmade manufacturing technology that goes into crafting each and every piece.